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Our Objective

In today's complex environment marketers need to leverage multiple channels in order to reach their desired consumer base. Emails, banner ads, catalogs, letters, postcards, and even text messages are utilized to deliver marketing messages. Merchants make great efforts to identify receptive audiences and large investments are made simply to facilitate the delivery of these messages.

Because a single individual consumer can be contacted via multiple channels, it is very difficult for the merchant to determine the success of any one campaign or even any one channel for that matter. This lack of understanding can result in the creation of an excessive number contacts and thereby creating unnecessary expenses for the merchant. Making matters worse, it also has the potential to disenchant the very consumers the merchant is seeking to attract.

This situation has plagued marketers for years. It has been difficult to resolve because merchants historically has have not had a way to see how marketing communications were received by consumers. Sure, they could tell if an individual made a purchase, but they could not tell if the marketing effort generated interest or if it was completely ignored.

Using our technology, marketers can "listen" to consumers and see if their campaigns are generating interest. Furthermore, if the consumer choses, we can provide a mechanism for the marketer to continue to contact them with more relevant offers.

We understand that communication is a two-way street and that the consumer should have a say on whether or not it continues. To that end, we provide the consumer the option not to participate in our marketing programs and are developing tools for them to monitor and control their web activity right from their own desktop.

We are striving to change today's environment and help both merchants and consumers achieve balance and mutual benefit with respect to marketing communication.